Be prepared for illness before it strikes by getting immunized at Immunizations of North Central Florida at Westlab Pharmacy. We have a registered nurse on hand, so we can provide a variety of different vaccines to our clients. Certain people are at risk for contracting preventable diseases, such as travelers, infants, the elderly, and individuals with compromised immune systems. Save yourself the discomfort and expense of recovering from illness by enabling your body to fight disease.

Immunizations of North Central Florida offers immunizations by appointment, so be sure to call ahead. All of our vaccines are administered by a registered nurse in a private room, allowing recipients to be as comfortable as they can be. We welcome inquiries about the immunizations we offer, so feel free to call or email us with your questions. Learn more about CDC's general vaccination recommendations

Immunizations of North Central Florida offers this menu of immunizations:

Zostavax Shingles
T-Dap Tetanus and Diptheria
Gardasil HPV 4
Pneumovax Pneumococcal disease
Havrix Hepatitis A
Engerix Hepatitis B
Tetanus Toxoid Tetanus

Thinking about traveling? Immunizations of North Central Florida also offers travel vaccines, to help keep you safe while you're on vacation. Learn more about CDC's travel vaccination recommendations.